Russian gate

  • The ancient historical monument was constructed in Anapa at the end of XVIII at the time of the Ottoman Empire and represents a fragment of Turkish fortress. The length of fortress wall was about three kilometers, height about 8 km, a ditch was dug around the fortress. Fortress had seven bastions connected by curtains and three gates — the Russian gate served as the east gate.

    In honor of a successful completion of the Russian-Turkish war, the only gate of a citadel which survived after storm of 1828, received the present name.

    Restoration of gate was carried out in the nineties of the 20th century. After restoration there was established a memorable stele inside the gate.

    The Russian gate is located at the end of Pushkin Street, near the park of the 30 anniversary of the Victory and within walking distance from the beaches — in the central tourist area of Anapa.

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