• The largest archeological site of an antique era in Russia. Phanagoria – one of the ancient cities founded in the middle of the 6th century BC by the Greek immigrants. Long time the city was one of two capitals of the ancient state - the Bosporsky kingdom (since 5 century BC).

    Exploring the ancient settlement began in the 18th century. Because of the large territory and difficulties at excavation (cultural layers of the earth reach 7 meters) it is still poorly studied.

    In total for 1500 years of existence, the city got a large volume of cultural bedding. And now it is aan interesting archeological and cultural finding for present and future generations.

    Phanagoria is included in "The book of records of Russia" as the biggest monument of an antique era of the country. The ancient settlement is surrounded by the necropolis including about 600 burial hills. Together they occupy about 900 hectares (out of the territory there are more than one hundred separate burial hills).

    Travelers can visit a historical-cultural museum Phanagoria with an excursion upon prior request.

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