Luggage Storage

At Anapa International Airport you can use the luggage storage. The service is provided by Upakovka Service LLC.

The Luggage Storage is located in the check-in area of Terminal 1.

The Luggage Storage operates in accordance with the regulations of Anapa Airport: ссылка


  1. The items are accepted in any forms and packages (suitcases, briefcases, bags, backpacks, bundles, baskets, etc.), which excludes damage and contamination of other passengers (customers) luggage and the Luggage Storage facilities.

  2. The weight of one piece of baggage shall not exceed 30 kg.

  3. Fruit, vegetables and other products are accepted only in package, the administration is not responsible for their natural damage.

  4. Glass and other fragile items are accepted for storage only in a solid box marked with a “Fragile” sign.

  5. Explosive, flammable, combustible, toxic, and unpleasant smelling substances, weapons and ammunition, live birds and other living creatures, documents, money, valuables shall not be accepted for storage.

  6. Receipt of items: to get items back from the storage facility the client shall present a claim ticket (token) and give his/her surname to the storage staff.

  7. Passengers with small children receive their items first.

  8. Items not claimed by their owner within 6 months from acceptance for storage shall be considered unclaimed and disposed of according to the established procedure.

  9. If the passenger (customer) loses the claim ticket, the items shall be released on the basis of his/her application and documents which prove his/her right of ownership of the items.

  10. Penalty for lost claim ticket - 500 RUB

Payment rules

  1. Payment for the 1st day is made upon drop-off the baggage.

  2. A fee for storage of one piece of baggage is 400 RUB from its acceptance for storage till 23:59 of the current day.

  3. Further storage — 200 RUB for each piece of baggage per day. A partial day shall be considered as a complete day.

  4. Payment for the 1st day is made upon drop-off the baggage. Additional payment for further storage is made upon the receipt of baggage.

  5. Handing out items for temporary use shall be considered as a completion of service.

  6. Repeated acceptance of baggage for storage is subject to payment, in accordance with the actual price list. Any tied item shall be considered as a separate piece.

  7. Items for storage are accepted with the announced value.

  8. Losses of the client owing to loss or damages occurred during storage of items are subject to compensation within the sum of assessment (Article 923 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, in 7.1.12).

24-hour toll-free number 8-800-555-52-44

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