Baby Care room

The Baby Care room is located to the left from check-in counters, after the medical service room.

Anapa International Airport offers services of the Baby Care room for passengers with children.

The Baby Care room is equipped with: a reception, a bedroom, a playroom, a toilet room, a dining room. The Baby Care room is free of charge.

For your comfortable stay:

  • a play room with a TV and cartoons, soft furniture;

  • a bedroom;

  • a sanitary room with cold and hot water;

  • a diaper board;

  • a kitchen with a microwave and kids furniture for small passengers.

The Baby Care room is intended for passengers with children under 7 years old, disabled children under 14 years old, accompanied by one adult, and women in the second half of pregnancy.

The second parent (accompanying person) can use the Baby Care room if passengers travel with two or more children and one of them has not reached the age of 7, and the other – the age of 14.

Passengers with infants and two or more children have priority to use the room.

Note: children under 7 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The accompanying person must not leave the child alone.

Passengers departing from Anapa International Airport have priority over arriving passengers to stay in the Baby Care room (during 3 hours). Arriving passengers can also use the Baby Care room subject to space availability.

It is necessary to provide your passport, ticket and medical certificate for the child. The certificate can be received at the medical service room, which is located to the left of check-in counters in the centre of the passenger terminal.


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