• Regarding connection to the power grid and electric power transmission:

      Denis Nikolaevich Oleshko

      Phone: + 7 (861) 33-98-650


      Rental manager

      Yulia Shalimova

      Senior rental manager of the Representative Office of PROFIS Nedvizhimost LLC in Anapa

      Phone: +7 (988) 150-00-27


      Advertising manager

      Angelina Lyubimtseva

      Phone: +7 (861) 219-15-93


      An airport is a unique platform for advertising, which operates 24/7/365, i.e. available for the consumers.

      Types of advertising in the Airport

      Advertising inside the airport terminal (indoor advertising):

      • advertising on light boxes of various formats

      • advertising on luggage trolleys
      • advertising on boarding passes and parking cards

      • broadcast of advertising video clips on monitors in waiting rooms

      • placing booklets and magazines on advertising stands 

      Advertising in the territory of the terminal (outdoor advertising):

      • advertising on large-format advertising constructions
      • advertising on apron buses

      Non-standard advertising projects:

      • organization and holding of promotion activities
      • placement of advertising stands and customized advertising structures
      • car exhibition
      • branding of individual zones and halls


      Advertising operator:

      Mir Reklamy

      Phone: +7 (800) 250-06-30 (free long-distance call from all regions of Russia)
      Phone: +7 (495) 228-06-30