For passengers with reduced mobility

Anapa International Airport is capable of handling the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility:

  • The airport building has all facilities required for access to check-in area which the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility can use unassisted. The attendance buttons are located near the airport terminal entrance, near entrance to the medical station, near disabled persons parking lot as well as on the tables in cafes and restaurants located within airport terminal.
  • In the left wing of the terminal building the help point for passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility is located. Upon request of the wheelchair-bound passenger the airport employees will escort him/her to the departure lounge and help to board the plane. The passengers who need assistance board the plane first and the boarding is carried out using ambulift one hour prior to the time of departure. Upon arrival the wheelchair-bound passengers leave the plane after all other passengers. The airport employees bring the passenger to the airport. The disabled passenger is escorted to the baggage reclaim area and assisted with the baggage. Upon request the passenger is escorted to the exit.
  • For convenience of the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility the airport territory and buildings are outfitted with wheelchair ramps.
  • There are accessible toilets for disabled passengers at the terminal.
  • The airport territory has the signage for the limited mobility passengers and the information about assistance points.
  • Upon request the airport provides the wheelchairs for passenger transportation. The airport employees can assist with guide dogs walking.

In the process of booking and concluding the air transportation agreement the disabled passenger shall inform the carrier or the carrier’s agent of his/her status as well as provide information about the dimensions, weight and other characteristics of the mobility equipment to be transported onboard the aircraft.

Before departure

If in the process of booking you failed to mention the need for assistance you can do it at the airport.
The department of assistance for the passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility: +7 (989) 259 17 44
Parking supervisor: +7 (86133) 98 459
Airport medical station: +7 (86133) 98 503
Information: +7 (86133) 30 700

Mobility equipment transportation

The wheelchairs used by the disabled passengers are accepted for air transportation as excess baggage without additional charge.

  • The passengers may remain in their own wheelchairs (except powered wheelchairs) until boarding the aircraft.
  • The powered wheelchair is transported as a hold baggage after check-in for the flight. The passengers who use this type of wheelchairs should have on them the devices used for battery terminals disconnection as well as the battery package. The passenger connects/disconnects the battery terminals either unassisted or assisted by airport personnel.
Applying for people with disabilities