Social projects

New Year Marathon

Do you like to play and help? We've put together good deeds, your hobbies, and so got a quest called "New Year Marathon!" Teams will be formed in the cities - participants of the marathon (please find a more detailed list here, it is possible to join an already existing team or to establish one's own. Each team has to go through three "testing stations" - marathon stages; each of them will provide an opportunity to express oneself in charity, patronage, and creativity, and in other good deeds. Anyone may join the program and contribute, at any stage of the marathon! To do this, it is required to get in contact with the program coordinator in your city. If you have no possibility or time to establish a team of your own, but you really want to help the kids believe in the New Year miracle, please see the tab below!

Новогодний Марафон

A letter to Santa Claus

Everyone remembers, in the childhood, waiting for the New Year and intentionally not going to bed, to see Santa Claus, who brought the gifts in a sleigh and quietly put them under the New Year tree? Unfortunately, not all the kids in this country may enjoy a real holiday, but the New Year is a time of miracles, and this means that each of us can help someone's little dream come true. Kids from different parts of Russia wrote letters to Santa Claus, and we have gathered all the wishes here. If you decide to make someone's small, but a cherished dream true, we promise to help with the delivery of a gift to its recipient.

Письмо Деду Морозу

Every little helps

No reason is needed to do a good deed and help someone - just your wish! If you are willing to help but do not know how to apply your skills, please visit this website. Both individual volunteers and entire companies may participate in the "Every Little Helps" project. On the website, you can easily find the campaigns performed in different regions of the country, which might need the help of yours. If, on the contrary, it is you who needs help, then all you need is to sign up and to tell us about your problem.

Помогать просто

The Sky Children

Airports of Krasnodar Region together with Blue Bird Foundation implements a charity project "The Sky Children." Within this project, excursions to Krasnodar International Airport are held for the Foundation's participants. The disabled children go the way of a real passenger and visit an aircraft or a helicopter. The experts tell the kids about the airport operations. In the opinion of the children, the most enjoyed and memorable part of the excursion is a visit to the firehouse, where they can see how a fire vehicle operates.

Donor events

Krasnodar International Airport for four years has performed donor events attended by the employees of the airport and the businesses located within the airport area.

Blood donation is carried out on the base of a mobile blood transfusion station, provided with modern equipment, so that up to five people can simultaneously donate their blood.

About 300 people have participated in all the events, having donated about 100 liters of blood to help seriously ill patients.

Airports of Krasnodar Region to the Winners!

Every year in early May, Krasnodar, Sochi and Anapa airports of Krasnodar Region run a special event in commemoration of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. During these days, the Great Patriotic War veterans and the persons accompanying them use the airports’ business lounge services free of charge. These services are rendered both in departure and arrival lounges. Special transportation vehicles are allocated by the airports for delivery of veterans aboard of aircrafts and to arrival lounge.


All-Russian contest of intelligent and robotics systems and production processes at the airports. The contest is held Volnoye Delo foundation and Airports of Krasnodar Region within the program "Robotics: Engineering and technical employees of the innovative Russia", implemented by the Foundation since 2008. The contest is intended for schoolchildren and students under the age of 25 from all over the country. The team may consist of two to six participants. Please find more information on how to participate in "Aerobot" program on the Robotics program website.