Online Check-in

The passengers at Anapa International Airport can check-in for domestic flights using 11 check-in counters, one of them for business class passengers. One check-in counter is located in international terminal.

The check-in procedure starts 2 hours prior to flight departure time.

Anapa Airport truly cares about each of our passengers. As check-in closes 40 minutes before flight departure, you are advised to arrive early to complete all check-in and security screening procedures so that you have ample time to relax, enjoy our cafes or to select gifts for your loved ones.


Self-service check-in

The Aeroflot passengers can check-in for the flight using self-service check-in kiosks located in the domestic airlines hall of Anapa International Airport.

The self-service check-in kiosks offer the option of selecting the seats. After the self-service check-in procedure is over and the boarding pass is issued the passenger can drop the baggage at any counter.

S7 passengers may print air tickets using the special printer located near air carrier ticket office.

Online check-in is on the web site

Online Check-in