What amount of liquid can I take in my carry-on baggage?

In accordance with Russian Transport Ministry’s regulation, checked-in baggage may comprise: factory-packaged alcohol drinks with over 24 percent alcohol but not more than 70 percent. This means strong alcohol drinks (only factory-bottled and factory-packaged beverages like vodka, cognac, whiskey) are permitted on-board but not more than 5 liters per person.

an I take home-made wine, Chacha or liqueur in my baggage?

You may take in checked baggage non-factory-packaged beverages with alcohol content not exceeding 24 percent. Those are low-alcohol beverages, home-made wines, sweets, liqueurs (only if alcohol does not exceed permissible levels). They require airtight containers. There are alcoholmeters for measuring alcohol content of beverages at baggage inspection points in airport.

Where can I smoke in the airport?

In accordance with Federal Law “On protection of citizens’ health from environmental tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco use” smoking is banned inside the territory of airport terminals.

Airports of Krasnodar, Sochi and Anapa are non-smoking facilities. Smoking is also banned at aprons. Specially-marked smoking areas are located in curbside area 15 meters away from gate areas.

I’ve lost my boarding pass and I need it to present at work as confirmation of my business trip. Can I have a copy?

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get a copy of your boarding pass after flight. You can apply to your airline for confirmation of your presence at flight.

I left my jacket in departure lounge. Can I have it back? Are there specialized areas for storing passengers’ lost stuff?

In case you are confident that you left your belongings in airport of your departure you can apply to your airline or directly to the airport. You can also leave a message with description of your problem on our website (follow link to FAQ page) and airport staff will try to settle the matter.

I left my mobile phone onboard. The plane has flown away, what should I do now?

You have to apply to unclaimed baggage stand in arrival lounge to tell where the phone was left. Claim settlement agents are most likely to ask for password to unlock it and a few numbers from your contacts to make sure the phone is yours.

You should turn to claim settlement agents in case you left your baggage in airport or your stuff on- board the craft. 

Sochi International Airport: +7 (988) 233-61-18

Krasnodar International Airport: +7 (861) 219-17-41

Anapa International Airport: +7 (86133) 98-656

I want to send my child to grandparents for summer holidays but I cannot follow accompany him. Can my son fly without me if he is under age?

You should check with your airline whether it provides follow-me service if you want to send your child to grandparents. In case it does it will provide you with a list of required documents to organize the service. On the day of departure airport’s staff will ensure your child’s boarding. On arrival a representative of passenger traffic service will meet him to provide connection with the meeting side. The child will be handed over to relatives or foster parents only after they present IDs.

What documents do I need to take my dog on-board?

Each airline has its own requirements to carrying pets. You can apply to your air carrier for information. Before check-in the pet should undergo obligatory veterinary checks in the airport, you can check-in only after receiving permission from airport’s veterinary service.

I'd like to take my handgun onboard. Which documents must I have and where shall I check-in my arms at the airport?

Upon arrival at the airport, the passenger must notify the aviation security service officer that the passenger has arms and ammunition. After the police officer has checked the permission to keep and carry arms, the passenger proceeds to the departure lounge and waits for the check-in.At the check-in desk the passenger declares arms and ammunition for carriage.

Upon completion of the check-in and receipt of a boarding pass, the passenger with arms and ammunition shall proceed to a special room intended for check-in of arms and ammunition.Arms may be accepted for transportation only discharged in the passenger's package (covers, holsters, special containers, cases, wallets) meeting the requirements to the arms safety and integrity. Furthermore, the arms and ammunition must be packed separately. It is allowed to carry maximum 1000 cartridges per person. The gross weight of the cartridges shall not exceed 5 kg. In the arms check-in room, the authorized security officer executes the Certificate of Arms Acceptance for the Flight Period, which copy is handed to the passenger.

At the airport of destination, the passenger claims his arms and ammunition upon presentation of a copy of the Certificate to the authorized security officer.

May I take a gyroscooter onboard the aircraft, or certain documents are required?

Carriage in checked and cabin luggage of compact means of personal transport powered with lithium batteries

Compact means of personal transport include:

  • one-wheel segways;
  • segways (mini-segways);
  • hoverboards;
  • gyroscooter;
  • motorized scooters.

Based on IATA recommendations, air carriage of these means of transport is allowed in checked luggage provided there are no lithium batteries in them.

A lithium battery, removed from the means of transport, may be transported only in the cabin luggage, provided that the battery power does not exceed the established norm - 160 Watt-hours (Wh, W/h).

A compact means of transport with an embedded (non-retrievable) lithium battery can be carried as a "dangerous cargo" via the airport cargo terminal. According to internal airline regulations, luggage carriage rules may differ from those specified. Please contact the airline representative offices.